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Why We Travel: Readers’ Photos (NY Times)

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


[Editor’s note: This interactive from the New York Times allows the user to filter a large set of user submitted vacation photos from around the world by country both by map and list interface. Topics like “beaches” and “road trip” focus in farther. Editor’s Picks offers quick way to highlight the “best of”. Filtering is a little slow on display of matched photos for me, but fun concept.]

Republished from the New York Times.

Browse hundreds of summer photos submitted by our readers, then start sharing your favorite photographs of Europe.

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Interact with the original at New York Times . . .

Away on Vacation

Monday, May 12th, 2008

For those who never noticed the RSS links before, I’ve made them more prominent at the top of this page. Since I publish to my blog on a regular but intermittent basis, this can be a good method to keep up-to-date.

After this mornings rash of postings, I’ll be away until the 20th of May on vacation in Paris!