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Land Contracts, Sales Go To Johnson Associates (Kelso via TWP)

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

[Editor’s note: This is my third map that refines the mashup template I’ve been developing for The Washington Post. Data is loaded via XML so the producer doesn’t need to edit the HTML. Option to enable the auto-generated legend below the map (the pop-menu above the map is part of the “legend”). MouseOver tooltip behavior tells the user what the markers are called before they click on them to get full details. Option to zoom in on marker click and get satellite map when the info window is called up.

My favorite feature: on close of the information window that resulted from that marker click the map pans / zooms back to it’s prior location. No more “where was I” moments so common with mashups! Goes with an investigative piece, read that here.

WEB EDITOR: Juana Summers — REPORTERS: Cheryl W. Thompson and Mary Pat Flaherty — The Washington Post. Interactive by Nathaniel V. Kelso — The Washington Post. First published June 6, 2008.]

Since County Executive Jack B. Johnson took office in December 2002, his administration has agreed at least 11 times to sell public land to people with ties to Johnson, including a former business partner, a current business partner and several campaign contributors. Johnson said he has not been involved in awarding any of the contracts and has ordered a review of county procedures for selling public land. Those who won the deals said they were not given special treatment. The projects are mapped below.

Interactive graphic mirrored below. Original available here.

New Job, Same Desk

Monday, May 12th, 2008

cairo online process

Starting last week, I officially turned my day-job attention to online web graphics instead of the previous focus on print maps and graphics (only done a few thousand of those!). I am still working for The Washington Post’s NewsArt department but will now be collaborating with my colleagues over at to produce interactive graphics from inside the Washington Post newsroom in downtown Washington DC.

Alberto Cairo has some interesting things to say about creating the same infographic for print and the web. (Flowchart above credit Alberto Cairo.)

I’ll still have some cartographic duties (like map editing and the weekly real estate value maps) but my primary focus will be on interactive maps and graphics.

Here’s my first week’s efforts:

Careless Detention: Medical Care in Immigrant Prisons

The latest from Pulitzer prize winner Dana Priest and Amy Goldstein, co-published with 60 Minutes.

  • Day 1: Flash map with HTML table below listing out the mouseOver data. The age and origin charting were dropped from the online presentation but the raw data is present in the table and mouseOvers. The map is auto plotting long-lat pairs out of a KML data file onto the Albers projected map and getting the mouseOver and name from the KML markers 🙂
  • Day 2: Satellite map as JPG of the print graphic.

Burma’s Cyclone Nargis

Breaking news, natural disaster, humanitarian crises in south-east Asia.

  • Day 1: in Flash with mouseOver behaviors directly linking text descriptions to map locations.
  • Day 2: in HTML with html image map on JPG linking down to table entrees about map locations.

Community Handbook (Washington Post)

Monday, May 12th, 2008

Here’s a glorified image-map in Flash that has color hinting when over the map’s clickable areas. The map was custom built for this project by Laris Karklis, cool little package. Click-thru links don’t work in this local copy; interact with the original page.