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Interactive Portfolio

Flash Animations and Google Maps Mashups

PAST WORK (updated 18 March 2008)
1999; 2000; 2007-present


District Taxi Fare Estimator
Published: Jan. 20, 2008

The estimator will help you determine if your cab fare in the District will cost more or less under the time and distance meters, which are scheduled to replace zones in May. You may choose one of our sample routes, or try your own by entering starting and destination addresses, or by dragging the green and red map markers. Remember, these are estimates. Actual fares will vary, depending upon how much time is spent stopped or slowed in congested traffic.

Google Maps mashup with extensive map interaction and fare options. Uses CSS and other HTML technologies with a Javascript programming framework. Google Analytics tracking code keeps track of how users view the graphic, how they interact with the graphic, and how much cheaper the meter (or zone) fare would be under the new fare system.

Research, design, and programming by Nathaniel Vaughn KELSO.

A future blog post will outline all the neat features and provide programming tips.



Dog Parks - Washington DC Metro Area
Published: Oct. 28, 2007
Google Maps mashup with interactive map symbols which expand to show more details about each park when the user clicks to explore. Research and editing by Liz Heron, WPNI.



Cape Cod Global Warming Sea Level Impacts
Published: Oct. 25, 2007


Animations for 6 details in Cape Cod, Mass. showing the impact of rising sea levels. Starts with a regional view where the user can pick the detail to examine. Simple interface included for playing, pausing, restarting the animations. Flash interactivity programming, animation control (including optional map labels), some interface design. Maps and animations provided by client. Completed as subcontractor, part of larger project.


Iraq IED map
Published: Sept. 30, 2007
Hand placed graduated circles grow to size on map, mouseOvers describe the numerical breakdown. Base map by Gene Thorp, TWP.


Burma - Recent Events
Published Sept. 27, 2007

Photos and text annotate the map as the user mouses over locations. Basemaps by Gene Thorp, TWP.

3 New Orleans Flooding
Published: June, 2007

The 4 neighborhoods in red on the map can be moused over and a seperate map pair shows before / after comparisons of flooding potential post levee repairs. Base map by Laris Karklis, TWP.
4 Pinocchio's nose
Unpublished, early September, 2007

Uses URL encoded FlashVars to set the nose length, the popup menu is for testing. Sound activates on nose length change. Was meant to measure campaigning politco's woppers on the trail. Original artwork by another artist (under contract for TWP).

Annual Precipiation in California
Published: October 2000

First Place – Interactive Division
NACIS Student Web Mapping Contest

(requires Shockwave player, might have problems playing)


Interactive Campus Map - Humboldt State
Published: October 1999

First Place - Interactive Division
NACIS Student Web Mapping Contest