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Also check out my Scripts for Adobe Illustrator automation.

Assorted Authors

  • Swiss Institute of Cartography - Mapping specific plugins
  • Rick Johnson Graffix – Concatenate - Join paths ala Freehand
  • Phantasm CS - Color Adjustment, Rich Black to Pure Black, Remove White Overprints
  • Worker 72a - White overprint, collect for output, zoom to selected
  • Hot Door CadTools
  • Hot Door MultiPage
  • Point Tweeker
  • Extreme Path
  • Better Handles
  • MaPublisher - Importing raw GIS data into Illustrator, psuedo GIS operations and database

Full blown Illustrator Plugins

Swiss Federal Institute of Cartography

Variety of plugins but PC only described in this PDF


  • Adaption
  • Adjust Maps Dialog
  • Adjust Symbols
  • Area Builder
  • Area Nodes
  • Bezier To Line
  • Close Paths
  • Connect Path
  • Generalize Buildings
  • Improve Beziers
  • Irregular Pattern
  • Keep Selected By Geometry
  • Keep Selected By Name
  • Line To Bezier
  • Messages
  • Place Symbols
  • Point Cluster
  • Point Elimination
  • Rectify
  • Select By Same Geometry
  • Selected
  • Select Inside Areas
  • Set Nodes
  • Snap Points
  • Special Move
  • SHM Diagrams
  • Triangle Make Classes


Rick Johnson/Graffix
Plugins for Adobe® Illustrator®

Concatenate plugin

Concatenate is a plugin filter for Adobe Illustrator (Mac) that connects two or more paths into one continuous path. You tell it how close the endpoints should be to combine the paths, how close to tangent the endpoints must be, and whether to average the endpoints and control handles together. It's especially useful for cleaning up CAD drawings and EPS files that have been converted to Adobe Illustrator or, for example, connecting and filling state/country borders in vector map files.

The plugin also includes Assimilate, which will search out unselected paths that are within the distance and angle you specify, and concatenate them.

Also included is Connect, which adds line segments connecting selected open paths.

Concatenate 10.5 is recordable as an Action, and can be assigned an F-key shortcut.

Phantasm CS

Phantasm CS is an Adobe Illustrator plugin (Mac/PC) that provides comprehensive color adjustments found in the likes of Photoshop.

  • Rich Black to Pure Black (fixing RBG conversion problems, converting 100% K in CMYK)
  • Remove White Overprints
  • Brightness/Contrast, Curves, Desaturate, Hue/Saturation, Invert, Levels, Shift to Color

Worker 72a

Doug has a variety of Mac-only plugins available including an alert system on file open for White Overprint issues and another for Zooming to Selected objects. He also has a great plugin called "Scoop" for collecting all associated files for publication. His point control is similar to Point Tweeker below.

HotDoor CadTools


HotDoors MultiPage


Point Tweeker


Extreem Path

Better Handels